Social Reports 2005

An occasion to remember how many engaged groups are working for the same goal: creating a good living place for all world peoples. Hereafter groups having written reports, a big part of them about the fifth world social forum 2005 in Porto Alegre (this list is without any in pdf-text). Just paste the links you prefer in the headline of your browser and print their reports.

Some Websites found with the Google key words REPORT and SOCIAL:

Council of Europe, Global Education
UNESCO: acting with and for youth (of UN)
ILCA online
Combat Poverty links – recommended by Irish Gov.
Info changes poverty
35th Pacific Islands-Forum
UniS – School of Human Sciences
UN Economic and Social Council, latest news
Canadian Social Research Links
European Futurists Conference in Lucerne
Ibo-talk: a newsletter
Science blog
tralac, trade law center for southern Africa
The Swift Report
Aviva, Coorporate Social Responsibility
Global Policy
Socialist Worker
The United Kingdom Parliament
Radio Paradise
Media Trade Monitor
TNI, the transnational institute, a worldwide fellowship of committed scholar-activists
NHRI national human rights institutions forum
Earth Negotiations Bulletin

Taking It Global
The Dominion, Canada’s Grassroots Newspaper
Un Mundo, americana Latina, in english
MCED in Asia and the Pacific, 2005
der ökonomische Rat der Kirchen
pghims, non corporate participatory media
The Global Media Democracy Movement
CIEL; Center of International Environmental Law
Campaign to Empower the United Nations
Women’s Globalnet
NASRO National Assoc. of Responsible Orgs
Latin American Press
Day 5 of Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
Radio free Europe
WEF Forum blog
Manhattan Institute Events
CSC Commonwealrh Education Forum
Global Forest Coalition
Review of Internat. Social Questions
Social Watch News
Long Term Perspective and Policy Integration Project
Peoples weekly World newspaper online
Venezuelan Views, News and Analaysis
ZNet, reports on many items
Equinet Africa
Nonprofit Online News
Interfaith News
ILO External Relations, forthcoming events in 2005
Columban Missionaries
instraw, United Nations Internat. Research and Training Institute for the Avancment of Women
AFL-CIO, Working America’s Union Movement
Associated Press Television News
Grassroots Journal

Global Exchange
Keep Media
Iran Daily
Pensions at Work
Human Rights Watch
Polaris Institute
Info Change News, India
International Forum on Globalization
UN millenium Project, about Hunger
CSRwire, Corporate Social Responsibility
Community Knowledge Net
NEADS – post secondary education and employment
CONECTAS, Human Rights in the South
UN Pakistan
Org. of American Historians, Forum on Academic Freedom
ILCA Internat. Labor Communications Assoc.
Helsinki Citizens Assembly
the mail archive
African Studies
feast, forum for european-australian science and technology cooperation
WSWS, report on US child poverty
blog Spirit
UNDP United Nations Development Programm
Free Republic, News Activism
Globalisation Roundtable
Democracy NOW
UC Berkeley News
UNPO Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Org
5 Million Articles not found on any other search engine
Africa leadership forum
World Agricultural Forum 2005