supporting constitution builders globally – also in arabic, french, spanish

ConstitutionNet is a web-based resource center, established by International IDEA (new: Local Government improvement and development), in partnership with Interpeace, and is currently maintained by International IDEA with funding from the Government of Norway. It was created for those participating in constitution building, including leaders and members of constitutional commissions and assemblies, members of civil society, private actors, researchers and those providing technical or financial assistance … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2: … As a mechanism for state building and democracy development, constitution building is an extremely complex and demanding process. 

The needs of actors and constitution builders are diverse and vary in function of the context. Very common and often contentious, are differences over the methodology of the process and the substance of its outcome. As such, solutions and options designed must take into account, and be responsive to the realities and particularities of each process. ConstitutionNet is designed to assist constitution builders and their collaborators globally in designing context-specific solutions to these problems by giving them access to specifically designed, well targeted, need–based and clearly communicated comparative knowledge tools.

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