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Tutors: Our tutors tell us that our advertising phrase is true; tutoring does open a new chapter in someone’s life. What’s more, they often say, “I get at least as much out of the program as my student does.” Seeing a learner make progress brings genuine satisfaction, whether you are teaching reading and writing or survival English. One in five American adults struggles with everyday reading and writing according to the National Institute for Literacy Seventeen percent of the adults in Monroe County and 29% in the City of Rochester have skills at level 1 out of 5 – so low as to be considered “functionally illiterate”.

Learn to read: We offer free one-to-one reading help for adults.
Learn to read;
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Mission: Literacy Volunteers of Rochester, Inc. is an organization of trained volunteers dedicated to providing one-to-one or small group tutoring to functionally illiterate adults and to others lacking English language skills, and to fostering literacy in the greater Rochester, NY, area. Our services are provided free of charge. We generally accept into the program students who read below an eighth grade reading level. Among speakers of other languages, emphasis is placed on the newcomer whose need for English is urgent and whose level is low.

Vision: Literacy Volunteers Rochester, Inc. will be recognized in the community as a volunteer-based, professional organization with a commitment to:

  • Client progress;
  • A responsive, relevant program;
  • A comprehensive, effective support system;
  • Empowered, fulfilled constituencies;
  • Enhanced public awareness and advocacy;
  • Financial stability;
  • Legal accountability.

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