London Project for a Participatory Society LPPS

An anti-racist, pro-feminist, anti-capitalist organization

Linked with Mandisi Majavu – South Africa.

The London Project for a Participatory Society (LPPS) is an anti-racist, pro-feminist, anti-capitalist organization, committed to promoting radical social change. We are based in London, Ontario, Canada, and participate actively in struggles for social and environmental justice, and for political and economic democracy … (full text).

Homepage with links to regional PPS and other groups (scroll down, on right column): Africa PPS; Austin PPS; Chicago Parecon Collective CAPES; International PPS; PPS United Kingdom; Parecon on ZNet.

Videos (author: LPPS, July 17, 2007): A humorous introduction to the basics of Participatory Economics (7 minutes); Against Neo-liberalism: An Introduction to Participatory Economics (Michael Albert, 45 minutes); The Bauen Hotel: Struggle, Culture, and Work (20 minutes).

Background Texts;
Constitution (Ratified on 6 October 2007);

Mission Statement (July 16th, 2007): The London Project for a Participatory Society (LPPS) is a group of activists concerned with inspiring, facilitating, and supporting efforts to develop, share, and promote vision and strategy for attaining radical social change, in the direction of a more participatory and democratic society.

LPPS stands for a post-capitalist economy based on self-management and equality, for democratic and participatory politics, and for the elimination of patriarchy, racism, and all other hierarchies and oppressions.

LPPS seeks to promote experimentation with participatory institutions and discussion of proposals and models of a participatory society, in order to demonstrate that there are alternatives to current race, gender, political, environmental, and other injustices.

LPPS seeks to foster participatory, grassroots social movements, whenever these movements serve to promote political and economic democracy, and/or social and environmental justice.

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