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About /How and Why /Overview:  Julie Ann Odell – Founder & Managing Director: Julie-ann Odell has lived in the Middle East for 32 years.

She is an experienced drum circle facilitator who has used rhythm work and group drumming extensively as a tool for team building in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Region. She is an experienced executive coach, co-active life coach and organization relationship systems coach (a cutting edge training that develops the entire team using a revolutionary systems-based approach drawn from the best of coaching, psychology, organizational development, mediation, quantum physics, process work and general systems theory). Since starting Dubai Drums in 2002, Julie-ann and her team have drummed with thousands of people and children at corporates, schools, universities and community events. They drum in all parts of the Middle East and have now opened Cairo Drums in Egypt.

How It All Started – We never know where life is going to take us:

More often than not, we think we’re on the main road of our journey, content with towns that we know, and destinations that are safe with clearly marked sign-posts, until circumstances and/or people divert us, and offer choices that appear to be detours… So we venture down a detour, treading cautiously at first in unknown ground, and then start to merry along believing that eventually we will find the main road once again.

Frequently, however, the detours have holes and bumps in them, and scary things that sometimes jump out of thorny bushes, and with all that fear and confusion we can easily forget where the main road began or ended. But the things that challenge us the most in life are the ones that teach us the greatest lessons. As Shakespeare so eloquently put it: “There is a tide in the affairs of man which taken at the flood leads on to fortune, omitted the rest of the life is spent in the shallows and the misery.” Simply said, “an opportunity lost is an opportunity missed”, or “she who dares wins.”

Bumps & Bruises:

So along the detours, the bumps and bruises we sometimes suffer and the courage and determination we develop inside ourselves to ward off and fight the scary things are what actually build muscles of self-worth, confidence, faith, and most importantly AWARENESS. And with that newfound awareness, we finally realize that the detour we’re on is actually the main road we’ve been looking for and waiting for all our lives! All the tough work is rewarded and Hey! Presto, we’ve finally arrived! Magic is afoot. It’s time to start living the dream and realizing our full potential! We’re now on the road to endless abundance and countless exciting opportunities. We’ve earned it; we’ve worked hard for it, and now is the time to reap life’s rewards.

My Journey:

My name is Julie-Ann, and if anyone had told me five years ago that I would be an African drummer performing in front of hundreds of people and getting them all to drum together as a tribe, I would have laughed and thought they’d been in the Dubai sun a little too long. This definitely wasn’t a road I had ever dreamed of venturing down in any way, shape, or form. As far as I was concerned, I was headed down the road to being a Public Relations Professional, dossiers in hand – no detours were going to divert me from my intended path! However, some people believe that nothing happens unless you are ready for it to happen, and on some level you have wished for it. As the saying goes: “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. And I can certainly remember five years ago wishing that I had the power, belief, self-worth and self-confidence to venture out on my own, leave the corporate path and do my own thing. Without realizing it, with that one wish I was already opening up a massive detour from my well-trodden main road. By that time I’d been working for other people for almost 30 years. I was tired of corporate politics and “power plays,” but I was in public relations – a field I really enjoyed as I got to use my creative writing skills and meet lots of people.

Leap of Faith: … (full long text).

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