Cairo Drums

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  • Atsu Dagadu is an experienced drummer, musician and teacher with an impressive record of play and collaboration in Ghana and other countries.
  • He began at a very young age and was selected to the Ghana National Youth Dance Company (part of the Ghana National Theatre), which performs traditional and contemporary dance and drumming.
  • He was promoted to Chief Drummer and traveled and performed with the group in Togo, Benin, Germany, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal … (full text about /Julie Ann Odell, Founder & Managing Director Atsu – Master Drummer).

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Address (1 of 2): JET & Cairo Drums, Ground Floor, 24 Khorshed Street, New Maadi, Cairo, Egypt;

Corporate Events: From corporate parties and gala dinners, to specialized teambuilding events, ice breakers and energizers. 

Cairo Drum’s “musical magic” leaves participants on a high with a lasting memory of fantastic fun and group unity. Cairo Drums programs generate employee enthusiasm and provide participants with a memorable team bonding experience. We facilitate an empowered team synergy and provide a fun, interactive environment that empowers each individual to share his or her creative spirit.

Specific programs can be designed for:

  • Team Creativity
  • Leadership Development
  • Communication Skills

Drums and percussion instruments can be made available for a few people or for hundreds. Sessions can be as short as 15 minute ice breakers or can take place over a series of days. A 45-minute to an hour’s session works well for any event.

We provide the drums, the facilitation team and all the energy needed for success!

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