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wisdom begins in wonder – Linked on our blogs with Philosophy for Younger People: a Polemic, with PhiloSophos, and with PHILO – ACTION, POUR PENSER ET CHANGER L’ECOLE.

  • We hold that philosophy is for everyone, not just a select few. Human beings have been gifted with the capacity to think, to project our minds beyond the immediate necessities of here and now, beyond the limits of everyday concerns, so that our place in the world becomes a topic for thinking. Everyone has this ability, and not just those with exceptional mental powers … //
  • … We believe that the value of philosophy lies ultimately in dialogue rather than the activities of the solitary thinker. In soliloquy one vital ingredient of the philosophical enterprise is missing. One always seems to see more than one can say. In the search for a meeting point, something new is created that neither of us could have created by our own unaided efforts — the dialogue itself as it takes on an independent life of its own … (full text Mission Statement).

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Address: ISFP, 45 Wolseley Road, Sheffield S8 0ZT, United Kingdom;

Frontpage 2/2 in english: The International Society for Philosophers was launched in 2002. Our aim is to bring together philosophy students and teachers, and amateur and professional philosophers from all over the world. 

The ISFP is responsible for running the Pathways to Philosophy online programs and awards. Pathways students can study towards the Associate and Fellowship of the ISFP, or the Diploma and BA in Philosophy from the University of London.

The ISFP publishes the electronic journals, Philosophy Pathways and Philosophy for Business, and runs an online conference for Pathways students and ISFP members.

Life membership of the ISFP is 10 GBP/ 15 GBP, or free for Pathways students and contributors to the ISFP e-journals.

On September 24 2010, there were 1621 ISFP members in 81 countries … with enter for German, English, Italian, Bulgarian, Spanish.

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