Camillian Social Center, Rayong

shelter and care to homeless, indigent, and rejected people living with HIV/AIDS / PLWHA – also in italian, french, german and thai – Linked on our blogs with Les amis de l’orphelinat de Pattaya, Rayong.

Since opening in January 1996 until March the 31st 2010, the Camillian Social Center has touched the lives of 1670 people living with HIV/AIDS. Of this number 730 people have died due to complications related to HIV/AIDS and 940 have been given the opportunity to return to the community … (full text Projects).

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Address (1 of 2): Fr. GIOVANNI CONTARIN, Camillian Social Center, 1/1 soi Kiri, HuaePong, Rayong 21150, Thailand;

History 1995 – 2006: The Camillian missionaries came to Thailand in the early 1950’s to provide poor people with medical treatment.

With the same spirit of “caring for the sick as a mother cares for her sick child” the Camillian missionaries are still a presence in Thailand and are still dedicated to caring and serving the sick.

In late 1995, the Camillian Social Centre was established in the Province of Rayong by Father Giovanni Contarin, an Italian priest. The Center was built to provide shelter and care to homeless, indigent, and rejected people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). Special emphasis was placed on women and children, as they were the most vulnerable members of the society.

The Camillian Social Center is a charitable institution and is operated on behalf of the St. Camillus Foundation of Thailand. It is based in the district of Huae Pong and supports and manages seven (7) projects in the Southeast of Thailand. The Center is involved in Palliative Care, Child Care, prevention education, supporting a network of PLWHA, supervising a self-sustaining rehabilitation community, providing scholarships for affected orphaned children and a center for HIV positive orphaned teenagers. All the projects comply with the latest HIV/AIDS strategy outlined by the World Health Organization. The projects are part of an integrated approach that links prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and support to people living with HIV/AIDS.

The Camillian Social Center in Rayong is confronting AIDS in the 21st century through prevention, treatment and care. We believe that prevention, treatment and care go together to reduce the potential for the transmission of the virus. The Thai government recognizes the Camillian Social Center in Rayong (CSC) as a leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The CSC cooperates with the Ministry of Social Work and the hospitals operating in the South Eastern region of Thailand.

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