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Service to Human is Service to God

Has the reader ever wondered:

  • 1 Why youngsters are hesitant to step into politics?
  • 2 Why should many flee away from this home land?
  • 3 Why RTI (right to information act) though approved on paper is almost dead?
  • 4 Why countries that were far backward and under developed than us while we got independence, have raced ahead of you?
  • 5 Why a common man cannot afford clean air to breathe and pure water to drink? … (Homepage 1/2).

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Homepage 2/2: We believe at the root of all things is the lack of humanness. 

We are slowly forgetting that helping other will solve many of our problems. Imagine that you see an accident on a road, be honest and think to yourself what will you do? Suppose the victim dies because he had received no help from passers by, what do you think his family and children think about the society? Will they feel comfortable to contribute for a society that has failed to save a life of its family member?

Today helping others is considered as a foolish act. One helps another just because he see some benefit in future. We feel this will not contribute to healthy society. Though our society has become greedy, tarnished and is getting void of humanest we are proud to say that we will struggle to the very best of ability to help those who are in need.
Human welfare trust has and will help those who are in need. To continue our quest we need you support, consider Donating or Joining our organization. We are totally open to any questions you ask. You may do so via our contact channels.

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