Stop Infant Circumcision Society SICSOCIETY

The 2 most important things we can do are educate and demonstrate. We try to educate on a daily basis. We must also try to demonstrate. Join Us!
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2011 Schedule of Events:

  • 18th Annual Demonstration / March Against Infant Circumcision, United States Capitol – Washington D.C.:
  • March 28th – April 3rd, 2011: US Capitol Demonstration, West Lawn of the US Capitol;
  • Wednesday, March 30th, 201: March from the US Capitol to the White House, The march will begin at 4:00pm;
  • Saturday, April 2nd, 2011: March from the US Capitol to the White House, The march will begin at 4:00pm; … (full text Schedule 2011).

Homepage and short History;
The Prepuce; Sexual Nerves; Horror Stories; Foreskin restoration and information; Visitor’s map; Cartoons, Satire; Links;
Address: Stop Infant Circumcision Society, PO Box 320233, Cocoa Beach, FL 32932-0233, USA;

What we are about: We proudly present the following mission statement: 

  • We protest all involuntary genital cutting, lobby Congress, and plan topetition the Supreme Court to put an end to the unnecessary and inhumaneanti-medical mutilation called circumcision.
  • The routine sexual mutilation our infant males must stop. It is a total violation of humanity and inflicts on the male and his sexual partner(s) an array of future sexual problems.
  • Male circumcision is NOT a lifesaving technique. It is an “elective” “surgical” genital mutilation that only the educated adult male should be able to elect, and only for himself.
  • Medical organizations around the world oppose infant circumcision. So do we. We will continue our efforts until genital mutilation in the united states is illegal for BOTH sexes.

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