Institute for Progressive Medicine

Mission: To support physical, mental and spiritual betterment using the most natural, safest and most effective methods available.  To employ drug or surgical therapies when judgment requires, with regard for individual circumstances and desires.  To always respect each person’s integrity and right to self-determinism … (about 1/2).

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About: … Twenty-first century medicine in western societies is sophisticated, mechanical and intimidating.  The rituals of care correspond to the hectic patterns of modern life.  

Not enough effort is spent communicating.  Aggressive approaches to diagnosis and treatment lead to complications and overmedication.

We accept each person’s individuality.  We are aware that people have different requirements and responses.  Some decline all medications and all invasive procedures.  Some will permit themselves to be managed at the will of the practitioner.  We aim to inform each person of all relevant medical options.  We are expert in approaches toward lifestyle changes, the adoption of life-promoting activities.

Drugs and surgery may be necessary and useful, but can also be hazardous.  This is especially true in older people, who are more likely to be given these treatments because of their frequent ailments.  Safer options exist than the routine prescribing of interacting pharmaceuticals.  With care and good judgment, with knowledge of different approaches, we assist each patient in making the best choice.

It is our desire that the treatment will not damage the patient.  Nor will we allow the extermination of hope.  It is not for us to say when life will end or when therapy is futile.  Medicine evolves, new treatments arrive, and we look for these as an opportunity again to help.

We acknowledge the sovereignty of the human spirit.  Though we deal with bodies and minds, we see the dominance of the spirit in human affairs, and do what we can to nourish and heal the spirit.  That is the only route to true health.

Our Philosophy of Care: … (full text about).

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