Green Mental Health Care

aligned with nature, supported by science

  • Green Body and Mind, a non-profit organization committed to establishing a psychotropic, drug-free society, is the umbrella organization to
  • We recognize the epidemic health disorders, socially destructive, and financially taxing impact the pharmaceutical and psychiatric industries are having on the citizens of our community, the nation and the world as a whole … (Vision 1/2).
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Vision 2/2: … When most all other industries are seeking methods to become “green” and honor and hold reverence for the natural processes and resources of nature, Green Body and Mind believes the mental health industry needs to do the same.  

To deconstruct this sales-driven trend toward a toxic drug-centric treatment model, Green Body and Mind is raising awareness about the negative impact psychotropic drugs and the health issues suffered by those prescribed them are having on our community.

We are building a non-toxic, holistically-centered mental health care system which reflects traditional, environmental, humanitarian, and health conscious values.

Green Mental Health Care is providing solutions that will make the world a safe place for our children and misinformed adults, the victims of the unholy alliance between Psychiatry and Pharmaceutical Companies.

Our purpose is to ensure that citizens of the world are provided non-toxic, safe, and holistic alternatives for mental health care by providing the necessary education and services for the treatment and prevention of mental illness.

Our focus is to safeguard our citizens from dangerous disease-causing, and many times lethal psychotropic drug-based treatments, to reform mental health care practices toward non-toxic, safe and effective therapies, and to protect our citizens from the tragedies all nations are suffering from the use of psychotropic drugs.

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