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STWR is an NGO campaigning for global economic and social justice. STWR Global Focus presents information about why the world economy needs reforming and how a system based on the principle of sharing can prevent 50,000 people dying from poverty every day.

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Address; Share The World’s Resources (STWR), P.O. 52662 London United Kingdom N7 8UX , Phone +44 (0) 20 7609 3034

About sharing; Poverty causes the needless deaths of 50,000 people each day, and international aid continues to fail the poorest nations. Even if the Millennium Development Goal for halving extreme poverty is achieved, 900 million people will still be living on less than one dollar a day in 2015. Basic needs are not being secured for the majority world by neoliberal economics despite a 60 year old commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Climate change, which will have the gravest impact on the developing world, is accelerating as a result of mass commercialisation and the over-consumption of resources by the richest nations. Inequality within and between nations is continually widening as a direct consequence of free market policies. Despite the inability of unregulated market forces to resolve these issues, the G8 and other wealthy nations continue to prioritise profit and economic growth over the securing of basic human needs. Only the major corporations truly benefit from a global economy organised on the basis of self interest and competition, yet these values have been institutionalised through the World Trade Organisation, International Monetary Fund and the World Bank … (full text).

About STWR: STWR is campaigning for those resources which are essential to life to be held in trust for the global public and shared internationally to secure basic human needs. Our current objectives are to communicate our information as widely as possible, to gain support from other organisations and individuals, and to establish a global network of supporters and campaigners. The website presents a selection of international news articles and videos on a range of issues including global poverty, inequality, climate change, corporate power and the world economy. As an online resource centre we publish reports on global issues and provide information on how and why to share the world’s resources. You can visit the STWR Global Focus section here. STWR is a non-governmental, non-politically affiliated organisation founded in 2003 and funded through private donations. STWR is a not for profit organisation registered in England, no. 4854864 … (full text).

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