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  • No matter how you describe yourself, you should find your beliefs and practices accurately represented in this website.
  • Almost all other religious web sites explain only the beliefs of the webmaster or sponsoring faith group. We are different … (full text Homepage).

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About us / Our Statement of Beliefs, The importance of faith/belief statements: 

We feel that every denomination, para-church organization, religious group, and religious web site should consider creating a statement of belief or faith and displaying it prominently. This is particularly important among Christian groups who may use the term Christian to refer to only the Roman Catholic Church, or only to Evangelical Protestantism, or to the full range of Christian denominations and beliefs, or to some other subset of the religion.

Quite often, when we visit a Christian web site for the first time, we have to search around among its articles to find out exactly what Christian belief system they follow and promote on their web site.

That said, the following is our attempt at a statement of belief. Please be sure to read the footnotes at the bottom of the essay because they include some important qualifications and exceptions.

OCRT Statement of Belief: … (full long text).

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