Social Change Communications SCC

SCC is a registered non profit association in France, Association Loi 1901, E-mail, Web SCC.

We are geared at electronic networking and information diffusion against nuclearisation (development of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy programmes) and sustained counter information work on the dangers of far right fundamentalist politics in South Asia.

Social Change Communications was set up:
- in order to handle money donations for South Asia Citizens Web / South Asians Against Nukes and associated sites
- to act as the administrative, legal, back office umbrella structure for our South Asia focused web sites and mailing lists …

… You can help us keep afloat by supporting our websites and mailing lists. Social Change Communications accepts electronic donations via PayPal. Money that is donated will be distributed to our affiliated web sites: SACW / SAAN / SACIP, to our affiliated lists, to meet our reproduction costs. Identities of donors are kept confidential.

Affiliated websites and mailing lists: … (full text).

Support our work, make a donation.

Link: Right to Information RTI,  the complete right to information, Portal of India: Forum.

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