Every Child’s Dream Foundation

a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides emotional and financial support to orphans in orphanages worldwide and founded by Tasha-Nicole Terani

  • Tasha-Nicole Terani is an inspirational role model to those around her. She has dedicated her life to making a difference and helping others as a result of her unfortunate and unique life experiences.
  • Abandoned by her birth mother, as a new born baby in the streets of Tehran, her journey had begun. Eventually found by a local Sheriff in a dark alleyway, she was carried into the nearest orphanage. Tasha-Nicole would spend the first 2 years of her life sharing a rusted metal crib with four other abandoned babies in an overcrowded understaffed orphanage … (about 1/2).

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Address: Located in Los Angeles, California/USA;

About 2/2: … Yearning for her biological mother, malnourished, neglected and confused, the impact of this experience in these vital first years of her life lead her to her destiny.

Founder of The Every Child’s Dream Foundation, a non-profit organization which helps to provide emotional and financial support to orphans in orphanages and to create awareness on baby abandonment.

Tasha-Nicole became an International Model featured in top ads, movies, commercials and magazines until the age of 26. At age 26 she decided to go back to her true underlying passion (soccer) and to find a way to live a giving life. Devoted and determined to excel in her life through soccer, Tasha-Nicole started to train herself, taking advantage of every opportunity to develop her soccer skills. Only a few months after leaving the modeling business behind and taking up soccer, Tasha-Nicole’s soccer training and hard work was officially recognized when she was awarded multiple Guinness World Records for soccer ball control. Over the years Tasha became recognized as a world-renowned soccer guru, and soon after was honored and recognized as a Special Envoy for Peace through soccer by the United Nations.

Determined in her quest to create awareness and to provide orphans with a better experience in the orphanage during the critical first few years of their life. Helping to provide “care packages” for these millions of orphaned babies worldwide is a lifelong commitment she has made for the children through her Foundation … (full text about).

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