Index January 2011

2011-01-01: Dubai Drums;
2011-01-01: GGP USAWA Ni Haki – answering to Kenyan Women;
2011-01-01: Association contre la Mutilation des Enfants A.M.E.;
2011-01-02: Daily Kos;
2011-01-02: Global Food Security Crisis;
2011-01-02: Philosophy for Children New Zealand P4CNZ;
2011-01-03: Association des Juristes Maliennes AJM;
2011-01-03: ii interpeace;
2011-01-03: Stop Infant Circumcision Society SICSOCIETY;
2011-01-04: ConstitutionNet;
2011-01-04: International Society For Philosophers ISFP;
2011-01-05: Human Welfare Trust;
2011-01-05: American College for the Advancement of Medicine ACAM;
2011-01-05: Female Genital Cutting – Eduction and Networking Project;
2011-01-06: Grandma Cares Partnership Program GCPP;
2011-01-06: Baan Gerda;
2011-01-06: Philosophy for Children;
2011-01-07: IOWA Alliance for Drug Endangered Children DEC;
2011-01-07: American Academy of Environmental Medicine AAEM;
2011-01-07: END FGM – European Campaign;
2011-01-08: Cairo Drums;
2011-01-08: Institutional Bodies for Development Cooperation;
2011-01-08: Teaching Children Philosophy;
2011-01-09: Camillian Social Center, Rayong;
2011-01-09: Amis de l’orphelinat de Pattaya, Rayong;
2011-01-09: STOP FGM;
2011-01-10: World Future Energy Summit WFES;
2011-01-10: Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade;
2011-01-10: – Signe des Temps;
2011-01-11: World Fair Trade organization WFTO;
2011-01-11: MedlinePlus;
2011-01-11: Circumcision Decision-Maker;
2011-01-12: diversethics;
2011-01-12: Child’s Dream – Kindertraum;
2011-01-12: SAPERE – the UK charity for P4C;
2011-01-13: Every Child’s Dream Foundation;
2011-01-13: Religious;
2011-01-13: Commission International pour l’Abolition des Mutilations Sexuelles CAMS;
2011-01-14: ECPAT International;
2011-01-14: Organisation Education et Développement;
2011-01-14: Northwest Center for Philosophy for Children;
2011-01-15: Thai Mueang Volunteers: Volunteer to Teach;
2011-01-15: Institute for Progressive Medicine;
2011-01-15: Intact America – say no to circumcision;
2011-01-16: Hyper – the Over-Scheduled Child;
2011-01-16: Foundation for the Education of Rural Children FERC;
2011-01-16: Philosophy4Children;
2011-01-16: La pratique de la discussion philosophique à l’école et au collège dans l’académie de Caen;
2011-01-17: Arab Planning Institute API;
2011-01-17: Desert Flower Foundation;
2011-01-17: International Centre for Reproductive Health ICHR;
2011-01-18: Association for Akha Education and Culture in Thailand;
2011-01-18: Show Racisme the Red Card;
2011-01-18: Philosophy for Kids;
2011-01-19: Information Clearing House;
2011-01-19: Green Mental Health Care;
2011-01-19: Group pour l’Abolition des Mutilations Sexuelles;
2011-01-20: Human Development Foundation HDF mercy centre;
2011-01-20: Philosophes en herbe;
2011-01-20: Statistics – Febr. 01 2010 to Jan. 20, 2011;
2011-01-21: National Institute for Health, Migration and Poverty NIHMP;
2011-01-21: Coalition Against Trafficking in Women CATW;
2011-01-22: Population and Community Development Association PDA;
2011-01-22: BRussells Tribunal – Questioning the New Imperial World Order;
2011-01-22: Le Site: ce n’est qu’un début;
2011-01-23: DragonFly – Volunteer Projects, Thailand;
2011-01-23: Drug Free Action Alliance;
2011-01-24: Isara Foundation;
2011-01-24: Guide to Online Schools;
2011-01-24: Apprentissage du philosopher;
2011-01-25: Volunteer Work;
2011-01-25: Next Step Connections NSC;
2011-01-25: Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices IAC;
2011-01-26: European Association of International Education EAIE;
2011-01-26: Association of International Educators NAFSA;
2011-01-26: – penser et repenser l’école;
2011-01-27: Male Circumcision and HIV;
2011-01-27: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Africa;
2011-01-27: Attorneys for the Rights of the Child ARC;
2011-01-28: Philosophy for Children;
2011-01-28: Centres de Recherche des Petites Structures et de la Communication CREPSC;
2011-01-28: Thinking: The Journal of Philosophy for Children;
2011-01-28: Philosophy with students and children / la Philosophie avec les élèves et les enfants;
2011-01-29: Pratiques philosophiques (une revue);
2011-01-29: International Institute of Social Studies ISS;
2011-01-29: With (he)art against FGM;
2011-01-30: Fédération Nationale de l’Office Central de la Coopération à l’Ecole OCCE;
2011-01-30: Social Workers Without Borders SW2B;
2011-01-30: Social Workers Beyond Borders SWBB;
2011-01-31: Centre d’études et d’initiatives de solidarité internationale CEDETIM;
2011-01-31: Foundation To Encourage The Potential Of Disabled Persons;
2011-01-31: Afrol News.

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