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Using the PhiloSophos Knowledge Base (scroll down): Ask a Philosopher was added to the Pathways site in July 1999. 

The original, the two-monthly pages of questions and answers increased in size from 5,000 to over 60,000 words. The archived versions are divided up into individual pages. In 2004, a new format was introduced of shorter, more frequent pages of questions and answers. We have kept the same format for the archives.

The Ask a Philosopher archives can easily searched or browsed. For students writing philosophy papers, philosophical terms and theories explained in easy, non-technical language. The FreeFind search engine searches for pages which have all the terms entered in the search box. If no pages have all the terms, then the search engine will show the pages with the best fit first. With practice, you can conduct searches of the archives with pin-point accuracy.

A special selection of questions and answers on time travel, artificial intelligence, big bang theory, creation vs. evolution, meaning of life, life after death, extraterrestrial life, cultural relativism, ethical dilemmas, social justice can be found at The Ten Big Questions … (full text).

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