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People’s Watch, a national human rights organization, is a program of the Centre for Promotion of Social Concerns CPSC. People’s Watch has been actively engaged in the protection and promotion of human rights in Tamil Nadu since 1995. People’s Watch has sought to hold the State accountable to its citizens for the chronic abuses of their rights and has worked to advance a human rights culture disposed to safeguard both the welfare and the freedom of all people. Now, after 10 years of work, People’s Watch has expanded its concerns – especially in the areas of human rights monitoring, combating torture through torture monitoring & intervention, and establishing a national coalition against torture by forming statewide networks all over India. People’s Watch has also expanded its human rights education & training initiatives throughout India.

Human Rights Education;
annual report 2005-2006, 24 pages;
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address; People’s Watch, No. 6 Vallabai Road, Chokkikulam, Madurai – 625002, Tamil Nadu, Tel: + 91-452-2539520, and 91-452- 2531874, Fax: +91-452-2531874, info-mail, helpline-mail, mobile phone: +91-99943 68500

About: From 1995-98, People’s Watch concentrated its activities on monitoring of human rights violations. This was the mandate of its governing body and the Program Advisory Board.

It was soon realized that monitoring alone was insufficient. In 1998, People’s Watch began legal intervention on behalf of victims. By 2000, this work had grown and more field monitoring associates were hired at both zonal and regional levels. By 2001, People’s Watch was working in 11 areas of Tamil Nadu. Soon after, the need to launch a full-fledged awareness building Campaign for Human Rights became clear, and this was followed, soon afterward, by the realization that victim rehabilitation was also essential. Monitoring, intervention and even winning compensation from the courts was not enough for those who had survived torture, abuse and imprisonment. They desperately needed medical, psychological and vocational help as well. Preceding the United Nations Decade for Human Rights Education, People’s Watch began a vigorous training and education program.

VISION: To create a society free from human rights violations and discrimination by cultivating a human rights culture through the participation of a pluralistic society.

MISSION: To create a visible and measurable human rights culture in India
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