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If you are interested in helping women improve their lives – whether in developing countries or in the UK – I am sure that there is much here that will engage and inspire you.

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About: WOMANKIND Worldwide believes women in developing countries are a powerful force for change.

Women have an abundance of practical ideas for improving their own lives and lifting their families and communities out of poverty. But this can only happen if they have the confidence and opportunities to articulate their needs and ideas – and be listened to.

WOMANKIND Worldwide is the only UK charity devoted to enabling women to achieve this.

We work closely with 32 partner community groups in 14 developing countries. This means that the projects we fund and support tackle the specific issues in a particular area, rather than trying to import a ‘one size fits all’ solution from the UK.

All our projects are connected to enabling women to understand their legal rights. And to use these rights to benefit their daily lives. Where new legislation is needed to protect women or improve their status, we help our partners secure this too.

WOMANKIND also runs a programme of work in the UK.

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