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  • Girls allways have two homes,
  • one that of their father’s,
  • and the other of their in-laws,
  • but none that they can call their own,
  • here at SANLAAP I have found my own.

But you have more informations on wikipedia:

Sanlaap is an Indian feminist NGO, established in 1987. Its focus is to make the world a safe place for girl children and women by protecting their rights … Mission Statement: Sanlaap is a developmental organization that works towards correction of social imbalances which present themselves as gender injustice and violence against women and children. The primary work is focused against trafficking of women and children for commercial sexual exploitation, sexual abuse and forced prostitution … Sanlaap and AIDS: More than nineteen percent of the girls rescued from brothel prostitution, living in Sneha Shelters are HIV positive, discarded by their families and the Government Homes. Some have given birth to children at the age of fourteen and fifteen … SUNDAR: Sundar was initiated in 2000 as a support group for Women in Prostitution to address the problems of WIP in the red-light areas. The women are supported to get their identity in the form of voters’ identity card and ration card and are also supported to live a life with dignity without being abused and exploited by local hoodlums, pimps, customers, police and their live in boyfriends or husbands … (full long text).

Guilty Without Trial;

Download the Sanlaap Annual Report 2005-2006, 45 pages;

All Bengal Women’s Union.

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