National Institute for Health, Migration and Poverty NIHMP

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We are the NIHMP, a public health care structure for all citizens, Italians and foreigners, but not only … (about 1/2).

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Address: National Institute for Health, Migration and Poverty NIHMP, Via di S. Gallicano 25/a, 00153 Roma, Italia;

About 2/2: … We also are a group of people, coming from several disciplines and from several countries, performing scientific researches upon subjects concerning health, travel medicine and human mobile population, poverty disease fighting, old and new. 

Therefore our Institute is also a place for training, education and health encouragenent at its fullest, where different cultures, theories and practices meet, to give life to new formative and educational patterns, addressed towards those people and operators of the public health system.

In a fluid society, like the one we live, we of the NIHMP are also aware of the needs of having to address so much to those people present in the country as well as to the country hosting the people. For this we were and are in Ethiopia, Cuba, India, Kenya, Peru, Malta, holding international cooperation projects, in the health field as in the social one.

To better know us, to cooperate with us or for any other reason, come in to our organization and projects, we will welcome you, also in your own language.

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