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Live and Archived Webcasts of Free Public Lectures in Partnership with Boston’s Leading Cultural and Educational Organizations. Presented by WGBH in association with the Lowell Institute.

The WGBH Forum Network is an audio and video streaming Website dedicated to curating and serving live and on-demand lectures given by some of the world’s foremost scholars, authors, artists, scientists, policy makers and community leaders. These events are hosted by world-class cultural and educational organizations in Boston and beyond. Through this online service hundreds of thousands of people worldwide listen to these talks wherever and whenever they choose. We are proud of the role we serve in our community, of protecting and projecting the public voice; and of informing and inspiring that public voice toward greater civic engagement in the important issues of our time.

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About the WGBH Forum Network: There are various options for streaming these lectures on the site. People can listen to an “audio only” lecture with enhanced sound quality.

Those with a DSL or cable modem Internet connection can view “broadband video,” which delivers the highest quality audio and visual presentation. You must have RealPlayer 8 or higher (a free version can be downloaded from, accessible from our homepage) in order to play the videos.

With the advent of podcasting and video distribution sites on the Web, we offer three weekly lecture podcasts, listed below, which you can subscribe to through iTunes or the NPR podcast directory. We also offer full-screen videos through Google Video as well as Open Media Network, which you can download to your computer (search on WGBH Forum Network).

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