Show Racisme the Red Card

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Show Racism the Red Card is an anti-racist charity, which was established in January 1996. The aim of our organisation is to produce anti-racist educational resources, which harness the high profile of professional footballers to combat racism … (about 1/2).

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Address (1 of 4): Show Racism the Red Card, Head Office, PO Box 141, Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear, NE26 3YH. UK;

About 2/2: … Our educational materials are very accessible and have been highly successful over many years. 

Footballers are role models for young people who will listen to them and learn from them. We have added to the range and quality of our resources over the years, but the central resource remains our Show Racism the Red Card film, which features professional footballers.

The organisation has built up a pool of professional footballers as patrons and one of the highlights of our work remains the interaction of the players with young people at our events at Football Clubs. In Scotland, we also have the job of trying to combat racism in football.

The campaign has expanded from our North East of England base and now has offices in Cardiff and Glasgow. We have also expanded our base of role models, to work with actors and other professional sports people. Our staff and management committee have developed a three-year business plan and strategic vision. As part of our discussions we have reconfirmed our mission statement.

Mission Statement:

  • Show Racism The Red Card is an anti-racist educational charity. We aim to combat racism through enabling role models, who are predominately but not exclusively footballers, to present an anti-racist message to young people and others.
  • Show Racism The Red Card acknowledges that racism changes, as do the experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic communities in the UK. Our message and activities therefore need to be able to respond to such changes as and when appropriate.

We achieve this through:

  • Producing educational resources,
  • Developing activities to encourage people, including young people, to challenge racism,
  • In parts of the UK, challenging racism in the game of football and other sports.

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