Tell the World About Hunger!

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We’re looking for any content – stories, poems, pictures, videos, music, graphics that let’s the world know that it’s time for child hunger to end.

Fight Hunger – Walk the World! is part of the UN World Food Programme working to end child hunger by 2015 which is part of the first Millennium Development Goal. All year round we build communities and partnerships both online and offline around the issue of child hunger. Every year we hold our annual global walk “Walk the World” to raise awareness and funds to end child hunger. Find out more about Walk the World and our other Campaigns to help feed hungry children all over the world.


About: We aim to do this by holding an annual worldwide demonstration across the globe called Walk the World. Once a year hundreds of thousands of people in every time zone will take to the streets to call for an end to the needless suffering of hungry children.

Through this global day of action, Walk the World will raise awareness about the 400 million hungry children in this world. Our call will urge policy-makers and governments – whether in rich or poor countries – to focus more funds and resources on feeding children. These people have the power to improve the lives of children all around the globe.

Walk the World also aims to raise funds to finance projects that assist hungry children. Whether from local companies or generous individuals, we know that every contribution helps to ease the suffering of those in need. Funds raised for the World Food Programme support its global School Feeding programme. When revenues are split with local partners, the proceeds go to feed hungry children in their communities.

Our efforts are linked closely to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). If we end child hunger by 2015, we will have effectively achieved the first MDG – that of halving the number of all hungry people by 2015.

Join us and become part of a historic fight to end child hunger!

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