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helping the areas of education, health and safety

Isara Charity Foundation was started in 2005 and provides help directly to those who are in need. The help comes in the form of free resources and scholarships for education, campaigns and tools for personal safety, and opportunities for improving environmental conditions … (about 1/2).

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Address: Isara Foundation, 897/1 Mee Chai Rd., Amphur Muang, Nong Khai, Thailand 43000;

About 2/2: … At Isara there are no middlemen brokering funding or projects and everyone involved is a volunteer. Isara creates its own projects together with local communities, volunteers, and web-based users of, with 100% of its revenues being utilized to that purpose. 

Click here to watch a TV news report about Isara, 3.11 min.

Expenses and Funding Transparency:

  • At Isara we believe in 100% transparency and are happy to share all financial information with anyone who asks. Currently, our monthly expenses are as follows: … (full text Expenses).

What We Do:

  • Education: Isara teaches English, computers, web design, and video production to students of all ages at our own Learning Center, located in the heart of Nong Khai. We also provide volunteers to local government schools and scholarships to students in the surrounding area. Another method of further opening the teaching experience is through Isara’s one-of-a-kind World Class eTeaching program, which enables people from overseas to teach our classes, real-time, via the latest Internet technologies.
  • Environmental Awareness: Isara takes an active role in environmental issues by holding clean-up campaigns in the local communities. Volunteers help with school presentations on keeping trash picked up and reducing waste by recycling and consuming less. We take it to the streets and sometimes we even go on TV and radio with our messages to boost awareness.
  • Personal Safety: Motorcycle helmet safety is a big part of our commitment to the community and the people who live here. Since 2005 we have donated more than 2,000 helmets to students around Thailand and work with local police and hospitals to educate people about the importance of wearing helmets. We’ve even been known to go cross-country spreading the word one village at a time.
  • Misc/Other: Isara also builds playgrounds, rebuilds schools, provides backpacks and school supplies to the poor, and even takes orphaned children to the movies. As always, our volunteers are welcome to help with any of these charity projects or suggest their own project.
  • Oh, I almost forgot, we also sing karaoke!

Who We Are:

  • Web surfers, like yourself, are the people who really make a difference with, but there are a group of sponsors and volunteers who have helped convert your clicks into charity. Below is a list of the people who help make Isara’s charity projects a reality … (full text Who).

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