AWEC Afghan Women’s Educational Center

AWEC is a National Afghan Women’s non-government organization, dedicated to the promotion of rights, self-sufficiency, empowerment and understanding among Afghan women and children through education, health, peace education and socio-economic development projects. Your care and concern in taking the time to visit our website is deeply appreciated.


  • Street and Working Children Centers, Kabul, Established November 2003: … Set up and operate 2 resource centers in Kabul. The centers will conduct street based outreach work to protect the rights of the working children engaged in exploitative and hazardous activities through the provision of development opportunities for child workers and their families. The centers will provide opportunities for working children and through them their families, giving them access to education, vocational skills training, life skills training, psycho social support, small scale start up business funds and to have opportunities to develop as productive and respected citizens;
  • Initiative to promote Afghan Civil Society IPACS Kabul: AWEC is implementing partner of I-PACS( Initiative to Promote Afghan Civil Society) project which is started on 2005 funded by USAID and administered by Counter Part International. The goal of the project is to increase the role and viability of civil society in Afghanistan by providing capacity building training , and providing small grants to civil society organizations showing potential to be sustainable and effective organizations … ;
  • S.W.K. High School and Women’s Center Islamabad: Shahid Wali Khan (S.W.K.) junior and high school for Afghan Refugees Women’s center in Islamabad as well as women’s center. Provision of ongoing vocational training for graduates of high schools as well as literacy classes and other programs for women … ;


What does AWEC stand for: Afghan Women’s Educational Center.

What is AWEC: AWEC is a National Afghan Women’s non-government organisation, dedicated to the promotion of rights, self-sufficiency, empowerment and understanding among Afghan women and children through education, health, peace education and socio-economic development projects.

Where is AWEC based: AWEC has its headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan from where it runs various projects, primarily in the areas of Kabul, Faryab Mazar Paktia Khost Kunduz Paktica Jalalabad and Wardak.

How was AWEC founded: AWEC was established in 1991 in Islamabad to assist Afghan refugees. AWEC was the first resource center for Afghan refugee women there. Expanding in response to acute need, AWEC opened its own high school in 1993. AWEC’s key activities include literacy programs, health education, skills development (sewing, English language, advanced computer and management training), a study group for women’s rights in Islam, and support networks. In 1998, AWEC created the Center for Street Children and Women in Peshawar to assist refugee women and children living in the streets, outside of the refugee camps. The Center, which offers income-generating activities, literacy, education, medical referrals, counseling services, job placement and other services, also works on social integration, networking support, skill development, trauma counseling, and education.

What are AWEC’s Objectives:

  • VISION – Establishing an environment free of violence and discrimination where women and children have access to their human rights and with a strengthened civil society where democracy, justice and gender equity could be enhanced;
  • AWEC’s Mission: Afghan Women’s Educational Centre with a commitment and gender equality works, for the abolishment of any kinds of discrimination and violence against women and children, throughout people and social approach by offering:
  • Awareness: Social Service delivery: Capacity building, self-sufficiency and sustainable development initiatives. In order to achieve its goal, the Agency will select interventions which are: Sustainable in the future;
  • Affordable by the Afghan population: Accessible and acceptable to the Afghan population. Cost-effective, in order to be taken over by the Government in the future.

Over all Objectives:

  • To increase educational and awareness level of women and children;
  • To enable women and children advocate and lobby for their rights;
  • To involve women in conflict resolution and peace building.

In order to realize its mission, AWEC works: … (full long text).

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