Male Circumcision and HIV

a public health policy – Linked with Attorneys for the Rights of the Child ARC.

  • Monday, January 17, 2011 … Here’s an intelligent intro from YouTube’s LatumWay (6.43 min), to another excellent freedom0speech (6.17 min), take-down of the Doctors (0.29 min) and American television stupidity on the topic of carving on infant genitals. It may seem odd to introduce a take-down of a TV show. Why not just watch the take-down? It’s sort of derivative of a derivative take on the show. However, on the shoulders of giants … and anyway who said the echo chamber was all bad?!
  • 2 Videos: discussion one, 4.51 min; discussion two, 14.40 min … (Frontpage 1/2).

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The Lobby – The CDC/AAP Project: The CDC is currently considering becoming the only public health organization in the world (WHO and UNAIDS aside) that recommends male circumcision to “prevent” AIDS. Millions will suffer if their impending advice becomes official. Herein are the resources to contact members of the CDC to voice your opposition. Please also contact your representative if you are in the United States. (see half down in the left column of the Frontpage).

About: Male Circumcision and HIV provides a place for a public health policy debate on the linking of male circumcision and HIV/AIDS. It seeks to address questions of cost versus benefit, the effectiveness of circumcision in the fight against HIV/AIDS in real world settings, and the differing points of view of researchers, the media, and all contributors to the policy discussion. ion and health of the human body. Thanks for visiting and for helping. (see half down in the right column of the Frontpage).

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