Korean Women’s Association United KWAU

Linked with Sook-Im Kim – South Korea.

Together with the KWAU affiliated organizations including Saewoomtuh for prostituted women, Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center, Women Link, Korea Women’s Hot Line, Korean Differently-Abled Women’s United and United Voice (Hansori) for the eradication of Prostitution in Korea, KWAU has been preparing legal measures to prevent sex trafficking and prostitution, to punish the traffickers and to protect the victims of such trafficking and prostitutes who are confined, trafficked, and forced debt exposed continually.

For these purposes, an ‘experts’ meeting’ was formed with lawyers, scholars, and activists under the sex and human rights committee of KWAU. The experts’ meeting in preparation for the draft bill investigated and researched international conventions related with sex trafficking and prostitution by the UN and examples of legislation in each country and conducted a survey of prostitutes to reflect their views in the Act.

Address: Korean Women’s Association
(120-012) 1st FI., 190-10 ChungJung-Ro 2ga Seodaemun-Gu, Seoul, Korea; Website only in Korean script, Email.

Contact Information:

  • If calling from South Korea: Tel: 02 313 1632, Fax: 02 313 1649
  • If calling from overseas: Tel: +82 2 313 1632, Fax: +82 2 313 1649

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