Connect the World

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Connecting the unconnected by 2015 … Connect the World is a multi-stakeholder platform designed to encourage collaboration and coordination as well as showcase ICT development efforts to achieve the connectivity goals of the World Summit on the Information Society WSIS, namely to “connect the unconnected by 2015″.

Through Connect the World, ITU is working with partners to mobilize the human, the financial and the technical resources required to expand the development of ICT infrastructure, connectivity and access. Partners and projects of Connect The World.

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About: Connect the World is a global multi-stakeholder initiative set up within the context of the World Summit on the Information Society. Designed to showcase, consolidate and scale-up existing development activities and stimulate new partnerships, its aim is to accelerate and strengthen efforts to bridge the digital divide. Connect the World has identified three key areas of activity that, together, constitute the primary building blocks needed to reach the goal of connecting the unconnected worldwide by 2015 …

… Each Connect the World partner is directly involved in activities in one or more of these three Building Blocks. In areas not adequately covered by current Connect the World partnerships, new partners will be actively sought. Connect the World is a complementary initiative. It does not seek to duplicate existing efforts, but rather leverages the strengths of its diverse membership to better focus activities so that communities worldwide get what they need, where it’s needed most. (full text).

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