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Linked on our blogs with Mass FGM ceremonies (was) planned in Tanzania.

Welcome. afrol News is an independent news agency, established in 2000. We exclusively cover the African continent, in English, Spanish, French and in Portuguese. (About).

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Company: The news agency afrol News is among the leading independent news providers covering the African continent in English language, and the leading provider in Spanish language.  

It covers the principal events on the continent in an analytic way, producing daily news articles. Further, regular high quality in-depth analyses and features complement the agency’s news coverage. About 80 percent of afrol News’ staff is exclusively dedicated to journalisticwork.

afrol News further collaborates with a wide range of international media – in particular African media – but also on a global scale. Our wide contact network, especially in Africa, assures the quality and reliability of our coverage. afrol News adheres to the ‘Code of Ethics of the Norwegian Press’.

The artcles presented on the website of afrol News ( is only one part of the daily production and diffusion of afrol News content.

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