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Open FSM: in português, français, english, espanol – participate in WSF – 2011 from where you live and act for another possible world!

Distances are no longer an impediment to include yourself in the WSF process. Let us use the Internet as a strategic tool to strengthen alter-globalization dynamics, struggles, and proposals at local, national, regional, and global levels.

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Contacts: Visit us, write an e-mail, contact us by Skype: wsfextendedteam. Or contact  the skype name: particip.dist.daket.

Wiki: World Social Forum 2011 consists in thousands of self organized activities, encounters, discussions, initiatives from thousands of civil society organizations towards “another possible world”. These will take place from 6 to 11th February 2011 in the campus of Dakar university in Senegal … and wherever in the world from 4th to 13th February 2011

How to start and prepare your participation in Dakar Extended/ WSF extended? At this early stage, desire to organize /participate is clearly more important than very finalized ideas:

  • 1.Write by e-mail. This is the collective address of facilitation team for the Anglophone welcome and info space for WSF extended In your message You describe shortly the activity that you are considering, here are some indications: WHERE will the activity take place?  WHEN? WHO will organize it? WITH WHOM as distance partners? (if be the case) WHAT will be the topic? HOW will it proceed? What will be its type? (local activity, distance encounter, distance participation).
  • 2. Dakar extended team includes the info contained in your message in the list of WSF extended activities intentions, and someone  will be your accompanying person,  in contact with you until the after the dates of the forum when you make the memory of your extended activity
  • 3. This person then makes contact with you, welcome  and first contact items  helps you if need be to create an account of instantaneous messaging , and creates a page for your activity . She keeps you informed and can give advice about organizing your activities based on accumulated experience and assists you when you register your activity in Dakar site , can be with you during your preparation and look for a partner in WSF2011.

You also can share information on a public mailing list with other activity organizers. Looking forward to your contacting us and telling your intentions about dakar extended.

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