Commemoration of International Year of Disabled Persons – mainly in japanese

the english presentation in one page;
Address: Nice Heart Foundation, U-life Center, 1-4-26 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0022, Japan;

Text: The Nice Heart Foundation was established in August of 1982, following the IYDP, under the authorization of the Prime Minister’s Office(presently, the Cabinet Office). The objectives include: to nurture the concept of consideration for others and mutual help among youth through meeting/sharing of experiences with persons with disabilities; to develop a “circle of nice heart “(goodwill) throughout the nation, which will play an integral part in promoting the sound and healthy development of youth and to promote the well-being of persons with disabilities in general.

“Nice Heart Fureai-no- Music Hiroba” Activities:  

We have put a great deal of effort in deepening mutual understanding through music such as ”Lena Maria Concert”. Ms. Lena Maria, a Swedish gospel singer, has held concerts and created a great sensation. Her voice resulting from her positive way of living, overcoming severe disabilities, gives a deep impression, courage and hope for life to many people. We organize a great variety of concerts and sponsor music events in order to offer the people an opportunity to meet a wide variety of wonderful people.

Asia Project 21:

There are still an enormous number of children in Asia, whose sound and healthy growth is prevented due to poverty and disabilities, etc. The objective of ”Asian Project 21” is to support the children to whom the Asia in the 21st century is going to be entrusted through the combined efforts of a wide variety of people. At the same time it is to offer the opportunities for Japanese youth with a variety of issues living in an affluent society to experience and understand the realty of life in Asian countries in order to support their healthy development. This project is starting with Mogolia and Thailand in 2001.

Thailand: … (full text of the english page).

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