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  • Founded by volunteers in 2002 in Nong Khai Thailand, Travel to Teach is a non-profit making organisation that links volunteers from all over the world with grassroots community projects in the developing world.
  • Travel to Teach was founded in opposition to the large western corporations who use volunteering to make a profit. The Travel to Teach team felt that by actually basing themselves in a developing country they could keep costs down and offer moderate fees, whilst creating opportunities to volunteer skills and contribute to local communities … (full text about /what).

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Is Volunteering For You? Volunteering abroad is one way to make a worthwhile contribution to another country while simultaneously broadening your life experiences.

Many backpackers are content to spend their time travelling well trodden tourist paths or lying on a beach. If you are looking for a more substantial experience then volunteering provides you with a purpose and gives you the chance to explore places off the beaten track, allowing you to live among the communities you are helping.

Volunteer work with Travel to Teach is designed to help on a grass roots level, it is important that you are aware of this prior to signing up to volunteer with us. If you set out to change the world then you are sure to end up disappointed instead it is better to set goals for yourself, push your personal boundaries and try to open yourself up to the challenges of working in foreign country.

When volunteering abroad you may expect to change the country you are working in however it is much more likely that the country will change you. You are sure to learn a great deal about yourself and will do things that you never imagined you were capable of. At the end of the program you will most likely notice a change in yourself, in the way you perceive things and the way you encounter situations. The change that volunteering abroad has on you is likely to be far greater than the change you have on the country you are volunteering in however, what you will have done is lent a helping hand to projects that would never normally get foreign assistance as well as developing a greater understanding of another culture.

Some of the bonuses you will get when volunteering with Travel to Teach are:

A Flexible Schedule:

Unlike paid employment, volunteering with Travel to Teach provides a more flexible schedule and you can vary your level of commitment. You may choose to participate in a work camp in Thailand for two weeks, volunteer with street kids in Mexico for two months, or teach in a school in Cambodia for six months.

Improvement to your Resume: … (full text).

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