International Federation of Social Workers IFSW

social workers make a difference – also Fédération Internationale des Travailleurs Sociaux FITS, and Federación Internacional de Trabajadores Sociales FITS

  • In this section of our web site you will find contact information for our member organizations, Executive Committee and other officials.
  • Under Presentation of IFSW you can read about our aims and how IFSW is organized as well as our history, including a presentation of historical persons in social work.
  • Coverage of our 50 year jubilee is available with an invitation for you to be part of the celebration … (full text about).

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Address: International Federation of Social Workers, Postfach 6875, Schwarztorstrasse 20, CH-3001 Berne, Switzerland;
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History: The International Federation of Social Workers is a successor to the International Permanent Secretariat of Social Workers, which was founded in Paris in 1928 and was active until the outbreak of World War II.

It was not until 1950, at the time of the International Conference of Social Work in Paris, that the decision was made to create the International Federation of Social Workers, an international organization of professional social workers.

The original agreement was that the IFSW would come into being when seven national organisations agreed to become members. After much preliminary work, the Federation was finally founded in 1956 at the time of the meeting of the International Conference on Social Welfare in Munich, Germany.

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