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Trident Ploughshares TP is a campaign to disarm the UK Trident nuclear weapons system in a non-violent, open, peaceful and fully accountable manner.

Introduction part I: Trident Ploughshares TP is a part of the international nuclear disarmament movement. Trident Ploughshares activists have pledged to disarm the UK Trident nuclear weapons system in a non-violent, open, peaceful, safe and fully accountable manner. At this time over 200 Trident Ploughshares activists have signed a pledge to prevent nuclear crime. (full text).

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Introduction, part II /(About): We believe that the use or threatened use of nuclear weapons is totally immoral and irresponsible and that the Trident system is illegal under international law.

Our disarmament action is necessary since the UK government has to date shown no signs of any intention to dismantle the system. As citizens we have both a right and a duty to uphold international humanitarian law. The UK’s Trident nuclear weapons system is based on 4 submarines which carry between 12 and 16 missiles, each of which can deliver a number of 100 kiloton warheads to individual targets – mass destruction on an unimaginable level. These subs are based at Faslane, thirty miles from Glasgow, and armed at Coulport on Loch Long, while the warheads are manufactured at Aldermaston and Burghfield in England. Faslane and Coulport are just two of at least 39 Trident related sites in Britain which are the legitimate targets of our disarmament action. At the moment one of the submarines is being refitted at Devonport in Plymouth.

In the last two millennia codes of conduct have been developed to deal with rights and wrongs in warfare. These codes have developed key principles, such as the insistence that non-combatants should not be harmed, that the suffering of combatants should be minimised and that no form of warfare should be employed which presents a permanent threat to the natural environment. In July 1996 the International Court of Justice considered the application of these principles to nuclear weapons and gave its (hardly surprising) Advisory Opinion that “the use of such weapons is scarcely reconcilable (with the rules of humanitarian law).”

We are taking direct action against installations and equipment involved in the Trident system. By doing so we aim to inflict significant damage and disruption on these installations and when arrested we take full responsibility for our actions. Our defence in the courts is generally based on the primacy of international law. We do what we can to publicise our actions and the response of the authorities so that public awareness of the UK’s indefensible nuclear weapons policy is increased and more and more people either become disarmers themselves or actively support the movement in a whole variety of ways … (full long text).

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