Index February 2011

2011-02-01: Welcome and Info space World Social Forum Extended;
2011-02-01: Global Voices;
2011-02-01: International Migration Organization IMO;
2011-02-02: Monde en Tête – réflechir, ressentir, agir;
2011-02-02: Quantum Future Group QFG;
2011-02-02: African Human Rights Resource Centre;
2011-02-03: Chicky Net – the social network for women living in Thailand;
2011-02-03: Viva Network – together for children;
2011-02-03: Christian Care Foundation CCD;
2011-02-04: Council on Social Work Education CSWE;
2011-02-04: International Association of Schools of Social Work IASSW;
2011-02-05: Freedom;
2011-02-05: Inter-Agency Network on Women and Gender Equality IANWGE;
2011-02-05: UN Women Watch;
2011-02-06: Action des chrétiens pour l’abolition de la torture – ACAT France;
2011-02-06: Duang Prateep Foundation DPF;
2011-02-07: Diversity Institute;
2011-02-07: First Amendement Center;
2011-02-07: Fédération des Amis de la Morale Laïque FAML asbl;
2011-02-08: Institut National de Recherche Pédagogique INRP;
2011-02-08: Chips Quinn Scholars;
2011-02-08: Global Initiative to End all Corporal Punishment of Children;
2011-02-09: Travel to Teach;
2011-02-09: VolunThai – Volunteers for Thailand;
2011-02-10: International Consortium for International Social Development ICSD;
2011-02-10: International Federation of Social Workers IFSW;
2011-02-10: Newseum;
2011-02-11: Universal Human Rights Index UHRI of United Nations Documents;
2011-02-11: Institute for Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding ICP;
2011-02-11: Chirurgie Esthétique Paris – Dr Jacques Derhy;
2011-02-12: BITO DOUALA;
2011-02-12: european network for the prevention and eradication of harmful traditional practices –;
2011-02-12: Save the Children;
2011-02-13: Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development JAFSCD;
2011-02-13: International Women’s Health Program IEHP;
2011-02-13: Network Institute for Democratic Globalisation NIDG;
2011-02-14: Transform!Europe;
2011-02-14: Open FSM;
2011-02-14: European Trade Union Confederation ETUC;
2011-02-15: Social Work Cafe SWC;
2011-02-15: information for practice;
2011-02-15: Social Work Policy Institute SWPI;
2011-02-16: Circumcision Information and Resource Pages CIRP;
2011-02-16: Association Philolab;
2011-02-16: European Data Center for Work and Welfare EDACwowe;
2011-02-17: Africa Educational Trust AET;
2011-02-17: AfricaEducation;
2011-02-17: Education Africa;
2011-02-18: Open and Distance Learning ODL – Knowledge Base;
2011-02-18: Open and Distance Learning Quality Council ODL QC;
2011-02-18: Commonwealth of Learning COL;
2011-02-19: African Child Policy Forum ACPF;
2011-02-19: Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa SIHA Network;
2011-02-19: the cut;
2011-02-20: Risk;
2011-02-20: Sini Sanuman / Healthy Tomorrow;
2011-02-20: Danish Association against FGM;
2011-02-21: No Peace Without Justice;
2011-02-21: International Conference on ITC (6th) for Development, Education and Training / eLearning Africa;
2011-02-21: eLearning Africa Scholarship Trust EAST;
2011-02-22: Hands On Scotland;
2011-02-22: NHS fife;
2011-02-22: Barnado’s – believe in children;
2011-02-23: Article 2 website resp. Human Rights;
2011-02-23: Asian Legal Resource Centre ALRC;
2011-02-23: Asian Human Rights Commission AHRC;
2011-02-24: Community Projets Africa;
2011-02-24: Association for Community Empowerment and Development ACEDE Tanzania;
2011-02-24: Social Work Search Engine;
2011-02-25: WADI – Verband für Krisenhilfe und solidarische Entwicklungszusammenarbeit;
2011-02-25: Virtual Training Suite;
2011-02-25: Katrine A. Kendall Institue KAKI for international social work education;
2011-02-26: U.S. Census Bureau;
2011-02-26: TaskForce;
2011-02-26: Playfield Institute;
2011-02-27: Democratic Control of Armed Forces DCAF;
2011-02-27: Human Security Report Project HSRP – Human Security Gateway;
2011-02-27: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency SIDA;
2011-02-28: Centre neuchâtelois d’integration professionnelle CNIP;
2011-02-28: Protect girls from Female Genital Mutilation FGM;
2011-02-28: International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics ICRISAT.


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