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Company Profile – a helping hand: The challenges facing businesses and community projects in a developing country can be daunting. Recognizing weaknesses or gaps in an organizational structure without having the time or specialized expertise to remedy them, can be a frustrating experience. That is where we, at CID, come in to lend a hand.

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CID is a business. It began by working with the 60,000 zabaleen who live on the outskirts of Cairo and gather daily 10,000 tons of garbage. CID introduced innovative social and environmental initiatives, including recycling as much as 80% of the inorganic waste into raw materials and manufactured goods. CID works with local and international partners and clients to link business and poor communities and create viable partnerships to address a myriad of needs, from rural sanitation and low cost housing to sustainable waste recycling programs. CID highlights how the reality of megacities, particularly in emerging markets, must place people at the center of waste management planning. (full text).

Mission Statement: CID IS A CONSULTING FIRM which designs and implements integrated programs and monitors their sustainability in community, communication and institutional development. CID HELPS COMMUNITIES and institutions achieve social, economic and environmental sustainability through the creation of public private partnerships using a multi-disciplinary approach to development. (Homepage CID).

CID is a business consultancy firm that supports environmental sustainability and effective communication in companies. Its primary activity is helping communities set up sustainable waste recycling programs saving resources and creating jobs while improving sanitary conditions of the involved communities … CID’s holistic approach acknowledges that gender, health, credit, literacy, adult learning and environmental concerns are interrelated. CID works on strengthening clusters of communities through improved partnerships with private and public organizations which helps sustain national development. More specifically and related to community development CID helps communities set up sustainable waste recycling programs which have been replicated in Mogattam area (Cairo), Minia and Sinai. Through this project, CID saves resources and creates jobs while improving sanitary conditions of the involved communities … (Schwab Foundation).

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