The Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development JAFSCD

JAFSCD is an online, international, peer-reviewed publication focused on the practice and applied research interests of agriculture and food systems development professionals. The Journal emphasizes best practices and tools related to the planning, community economic development, and ecological protection of local and regional agriculture and food systems, and works to bridge the interests of practitioners and academics … (about 1/2).

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Inaugural Issue, summer 2010; Issue no. 2, on Urban Agriculture; Forum; Background; FAQs;
Address: The editorial offices of the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, c/o New Leaf Associates, Inc., 295 Hook Place, Ithaca, NY 14850, USA;
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About 2/2: … Articles are published online as they are approved, but are gathered into quarterly issues for indexing purposes. JAFSCD is an online-only journal; subscribers access the content online and may download or print any articles. 

As the journal focuses on the practice of agriculture and food system development, empirical and methodological content are emphasized over the theoretical. Applied research-based papers, case studies, project post-mortems, effective strategies, impact analyses, new possibilities (problems-solving, opportunity-taking and the like) are examples of what professionals in government, the nonprofit sector, and private practice find helpful in their work.

Unsolicited papers related to the core subject matter of the journal are welcome at any time. Calls for papers on special topics are issued periodically throughout the year. Please read our submission information for details on submitting a paper for review.

Please note that JAFSCD is an online-only publication. This keeps the price affordable to you and also reduces the journal’s ecological footprint by saving the resources and costs of printing and shipping hard copies. It also allows us to post articles as they are approved, rather than waiting to gather them into a single issue. We post fully formatted PDFs of individual articles and full issues that can be downloaded and printed. We realize that it is not always comfortable or convenient to read on your computer; feel free to print out the articles that interest you most and keep them in a folder or binder.

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