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Public lawyers in NGOs PLINGO

PLINGO stands for ‘Public Lawyers in Non-Governmental Organisations’. The group was established by PLP in early 2005, as an information exchange, debating forum and voice for lawyers in this sector. Meetings take place approximately every two months.

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About /What is public law? Public law is the set of legal principles which govern the exercise of power by public bodies.

What are public bodies? There are many public bodies of various kinds who take decisions every day which affect the lives of thousands of individuals. They include government ministers and departments, local authorities, the prison service, NHS Trusts, coroners’ courts and many more.

What are public law remedies? There are many procedures by which citizens can challenge the legality of decisions made by public bodies. They include:

  • Judicial review: court proceedings in which a judge is asked to review the lawfulness of the decision which is being challenged;
  • Complaints procedures such as the social service complaints procedure;
  • Ombudsman schemes such as the Local Government Ombudsman, and the Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration.

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