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The current situation of Lake-Chad is very alarming, its surface does not cease decreasing year by year. The erosion of the shores and the traqnsport of solid elements by streaming fill the lake … (full text).

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SENSITIZING FOR THE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Chad is a country sahélien and semi-desert which is confronted with a serious problem of turning into a desert, which touches in particular banks of the lake Chad. Vis-a-vis this danger, it is necessary, to see essential, to organize all the forces available to help the inhabitants of the country to be opposed to this projection of the desert. We modestly think of contributing to it via our association “Chad – To act for the Environment”, by blocking amongst other things the projection of the desert by the afforestation. With this intention, the participation of the population/the peasant in the management of the project is very wished. In this case our intention to create centers of village formation is justified amply …

… Conclusion: The protection of the banks of the lake Chad which revêt a particular importance for the bordering Chad and countries, constitutes a very complex problem whose solution will require average materials, financial and administrative considerable so much for the direct intervention (realization of the afforestation) that, for the indirect intervention (agricultural installations). The psychological action is of primary importance, because nothing constructive nor durable can be carried out for the benefit of the bordering populations without their assent and their effective participation …

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