European Data Center for Work and Welfare EDACwowe

EDACwowe is an initiative under the EU Framework 6 Network of Excellence “Reconciling Work and Welfare in Europe” (RECWOWE). It is coordinated and supported by the University of Tilburg (The Netherlands) and by the Danish National Centre for Social Research, SFI (Denmark) … (full text about).

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How to find what you are looking for? There are two different ways: 

The first is way is by browsing through the menu on the left side of the website:

  • The first step is to decide what type of data you are looking for (e.g. survey, statistical or policy data; EU-comparative or national, etc.);
  • The second step is checking the databases that are mentioned under the topic(s) relevant for you (e.g. social care, work and employment, etc.).

The second way of finding data is using the search facility, on the right side of the website:

  • By typing in one or two keywords, the search facility will provide a list with the relevant databases, ordered according to the structure of the website;
  • It is possible to refine these search results further, by typing in one or two keywords at refine search.

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