Africa Educational Trust AET

education is the key to development

The Africa Educational Trust is a UK registered charity (313139) committed to supporting education in Africa. AET works with local communities in areas affected by conflict. In such places there is often no education system leaving whole generations of children and young people without access to any basic schooling and a very bleak future … (about 1/2).

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Addresses: AED, 18 Hand Court, London, WC1V 6JF, UK; – AED, P O Box 15038 – 00100, Suswa 5 Longonot Place Apts, Harry Thuku Road, Nairobi, Kenya;

About 2/2: … AET provides support for children in primary and secondary schools.

We also help young people who have missed out on education because of conflict, the majority of them young women.

AET uses innovative approaches including radio for literacy and vouchers for skills training. Over 750,000 children and young people have benefited from AET’s support since our founding in 1958.

All of us, including the Africa Educational Trust, must continue to do whatever lies in our power to advance the cause of education for all in Africa.

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