Welcome to the Home Page of AfricaEducation. This is the site where you’ll find out most of what is happening in the area of Education in Africa and Development in Africa … (Homepage 1/2).

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Homepage 2/2: … We recommend you first run a search on this site for information on your topic of interest. 

After that, you may want to see if there is anything in the African Digital Library®, a free public library that contains more than 8000 full text books for you to use on the Internet, if you live in Africa.

The African Virtual University’s library contains around 2400 journals, which are free and could be of help. The COL Knowledge Finder is an index of about one million of the most significant documents on education and development.

The Learning Materials and Resources sections of this site include links to curriculum content that may help you. To find information on this site, we suggest you use our search engine.

Education-related projects we are aware of are listed under Projects. School teachers and learners can go to our school project page. Teachers can find useful tools and lesson plans under Teachers’ Resources.

For how to create websites free of charge, please consult the Free Internet Services links.

Links to books, journals and other resources that could be of great help are listed on the home page of The African Digital Library.

Please let us have links to your organisation’s or project’s website if it is relevant to Education in Africa or Development in Africa.

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