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WFFP is a federation of Mass Based Organization mainly working in Asia and Africa .We are mainly Beach Based fisher people.We use traditional fishing crafts.We have come together since 1997. We have come together to fight for our rights, to protect the fish resources and to protect the coast.

Vision: Our vision is that the sea, forest and land belong to those who depend on them for their livelihood. We are against Globalization, WTO, World Bank.

The formation of WFFP /History;
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letter to President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Philippines, 25 August 2006;
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address: WFFP Secretariat office, 10, Malwatta Road, Negombo, Sri Lanka;

About /Global WFFP Fisheries Policy: PREFACE: At the WFFP 3rd General Assembly, held at Kenya from 21-28 November 2004, the delegates and all the participants from the member organizations had involved very actively on the drafting the Global Fisheries Policy of World Forum of Fisher Peoples’ in which facilitated by ICSF.

After series of deliberations at the General Assembly, the members adopted a resolution to hand over the first draft to ICSF for finalize the WFFP Fisheries Policy. ICSF responded very positively and assisted with finalizing the work very efficiently. We are grateful to ICSF team for their cooperation on finalizing the second draft.

Even after finalizing the second draft, it was further discussed among the concerned members, specifically among the members of the Coordination Committee of the WFFP.

At the Coordination Committee meeting held at Hong Kong , in December 2005, the CC members decided to circulate the second draft and get further views for the contents of it. At the same time the CC members decided to finalize all the discussions by April, 2006 and publish it by May 2006.

However, due to series of work, and the tensions among Sri Lanka , as well as some members still wanted to send their inputs to the final draft, WFFP Coordination Secretariat was unable to hit the target of preparation of final draft and publish it.

Now, we have come to a stage of publishing the WFFP Global Fisheries Policy document. As you can see above this is series of work conducted among various constituents of WFFP as well as fisheries experts in the world.

Still, this may not be fit to address the issues, concerns of all the fishing communities or nations in the world. We need to discuss this further to come to a conclusion. However, we see this as an evolving process and need to reflect further based on the dynamics of the context of globalization.

We as WFFP members want to make sure the Global Fisheries Policy of WFFP would be an instrument to face the challenges of the corporate globalization and marginalization of the small producers, specifically artisanal, beach based, fishers, fish vendors, post harvest producers, fisher women and all of fish worker communities, and their families.

The access to sea and coastal land means the life and the livelihood of the fishing communities. Let us stand strongly to protect them with unity through out the world.

We stand for protect the rights of the fishers as World Forum of Fisher Peoples.

We would like to thank all those who involve, to finalize this important instrument.

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