Forum for Global Action

What we do: Through seminars, forums, and a variety of initiatives that bring participants together, the Forum nurtures the cross-pollination of ideas and experiences from a diverse set of individuals, including leaders in government, academia, youth and women?s groups, non-governmental organizations, the media, United Nations agencies, and the business community. Such diversity creates unique partnerships to address global development issues from an integrative cross-sectoral and inventive approach. The Forum for Global Action relies on knowledge and experiences from diverse organizations with local, national and international expertise in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and South and Central America. Special focus is placed on working with youth organizations such as the the African Regional Youth Initiative in building a network of global leaders. (Homepage & About & links to articles).

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Who We Are: The Forum for Global Action aims to foster innovative thinking on social, economic and political issues by (1) bringing voices of marginalized people into global debates about public policy, and (2) promoting alternative ways of consulting global civil society groups and movements. Overall, the Forum strives to improve the relationship between global civil society organizations and global institutions (i.e. United Nations and the World Bank) to discuss policy challenges and brainstorm new ways of thinking and acting on global issues.

Link: The Global Fund (fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria).

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