• Institut d’études stratégiques sur la paix, la connaissance et les relations humaines
  • / Institute for Strategic Studies on Peace, Knowledge and Human Relations
  • / Instituto de Estudios Estratégicos sobre la Paz, el Conocimiento y las Relaciones Humanas

Cycle de conférences: Géopolitique, géostratégie et paix dans le monde d’aujourd’hui (8 février à 29 mars 2008);
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Outline: The Itinerant Master program trains the world’s future leaders. It uses current approaches and models to illuminate a leader’s role—in theory and practice. A university in the United States of America will issue a Masters degree at the end of the program. Initially, the program will bring together six students and an appropriate number of professors from each of four cities: New York, Buenos Aires, Paris and Geneva—the group studying for one semester in each city, over a period of two years. Each city, each country will offer the students and teachers in the group its own unique world-view. Students and professors from other countries will be invited to join the four-city, four-semester group, their universities eventually becoming centers of study, in the same four-city model … (full text).

SerMaCaValTa a été créé à Genève, en mars 1996, sous la direction du Dr. Roberto Butinof, consultant institutionnel de longue trajectoire internationale et professeur en Stratégie et Relations internationales à l’Université de Buenos Aires (UBA) … (texte integral).


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Conférences, interventions, participations;


Association Sermacavalta.

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