Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency SIDA

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  • Sida is an authority under the jurisdiction of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The Swedish government manages our operations and we perform the assignments we receive to achieve the targets of Sweden’s development assistance policy.
  • The government’s guidelines describe in brief how Sida should perform its work … (full text How we are governed).

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Addresses (1 of 3): SIDA Headquarters, Valhallavägen 199, 105 25 Stockholm, SWEDEN;

About /Organization: Sida works according to directives of the Swedish Parliament and Government to reduce poverty in the world. 

The overall goal of Swedish development cooperation is to contribute to making it possible for poor people to improve their living conditions. Sida is organized in nine departments.

Sida’s head office is located at Valhallavägen in Stockholm, but staff are also stationed in the partner countries. From January 1, 2011 Sida is organized in nine departments  and the Director-General’s Office. Focus is on a more effective and efficient organization based on a flatter structure, with fewer managers.

Sida is managed by a governing board with full responsibility.

The governing board /Chart: … (full text about).

Director General’s Office;


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