Protect girls from Female Genital Mutilation FGM

in german/auf deutsch: Schutz von Patenmädchen vor Genitalverstümmelung.

The organisations have the power and the potential to guarantee the immediate protection of sponsored girls in a simple, effective and even measurable way. They only have to admit the following:

  • Female genital mutilation is NOT to be tolerated, under NO condition.
  • Every single sponsored girl has a right to be protected from genital mutilation.
  • This right is strictly to be guaranteed, not only to fulfill the responsibility towards the sponsored girls, but also towards you as the donors – to whom the organisations are obliged to grant the highest possible results form the invested money … (full text the solutions).

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The Problem: A lot of harm, sufferance and death in African, Arabian and Asian countries is not caused by external influence like hunger, aridity or illnesses. It is caused by the people themselves – and is therefore totally avoidable.  

This misery extremely hinders the economic and social development in these countries. For that reason, financial and material investments in developing projects can only be efficient, if self-created and completely avoidable harm is stopped.

One form of self-created harm that obstructs and hinders the society’s ability to develop is female genital mutilation (FGM) which aims to damage the genitalia of girls by cutting off their clitoris and labia. It aims to control girls and women and hinder them from developing a self-contained sexuality.

Female genital mutilation is not an “exotic issue”: Today, FGM is one of the most systematic and widespread mistreatment and violation of childrens’ rights worldwide. Every year, more than three million victims are submitted to this violence on the African continent alone. Those victims from Yemen, the united Arab Emirates, Iraq and Iran, Indonesia and Malaysia have even to be added.

The extent of FGM might be hard to believe: Up to 90 % of a country´s or a region´s female children (e.g., in Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia, Gambia, Sierra Leone, etc.) are victimized by genital mutilations. The vast majority of the victims is physically and mentally damaged and traumatised for life. We have to assume that today, more than 200 million victims exist worldwide.

As long as this violence is not stopped, as long as the deliberate damaging of whole female generations goes on, broad and lasting development in these countries or regions remains impossible. This means, that the end of female genital mutilation and the consequent protection of future generations is a very important key for lasting development.

Every organisation that works with a sponsored child system has a special responsibility and duty of care for the sponsored children: All above mentioned organisations market sponsorships for female children in countries and regions where genital mutilations are widespread.

Have you ever asked the organisations whether and how the sponsored girls are protected from female genital mutilation? Not yet?

Well, we did – and we found out.

We are not talking about some individually viewed cases, but up 400,000 sponsored girls in 18 countries to whom protection is denied!

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