NGLS – UN Non-Governmntal Liaison Service

The United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UN-NGLS) promotes dynamic partnerships between the United Nations and non-governmental organisations. By providing information, advice, expertise and consulting and support service, NGLS is part of the United Nations effort to strengthen dialogue and win support for economic and social development. (about 1/2).

UN – NGO Relations;
Addresses: New York: United Nations, NGLS – Room DC1-1106, New York NY 10017, United States, Tel. +1-212 963 3125, Fax +1-212 963 8712, Email;
Geneva: Palais des Nations, NGLS, 1211 Geneva 10, witzerland, Tel. 41-22-917-2076, Fax 41-22-917-0432, Email;

About 2/2: For over thirty years now the United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UN-NGLS) has played a major role as part of the UN system’s machinery for engaging with NGOs and civil society by providing a UN system-civil society interface and facilitating a number of innovations to UN system polices and practices towards its non-governmental constituents. In 1982 the UN General Assembly recognized and endorsed the role and work of UN-NGLS for the first time, and, in 1993, the General Assembly again recognized the value of UN-NGLS’s work.

Core activities of UN-NGLS include: information and communication outreach to the international community and to global civil society; supporting the UN system in developing productive relationships and partnerships with NGOs and civil society; and supporting the work of NGOs/civil society that seek to constructively engage with the UN system … (full text).

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